Honey Barbara “Reveries” – CD

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Honey Barbara is a psychedelic indie folk band based out of San Antonio that self describes their album “Reveries” as “modeled relief map, some astro-anatomy, if you like, (trans-Texas) south to Mexico; and west to the Chisos Basin; northward via the Blackland Express, (all the while spirited uncensored through checkpoint and through roadblock);and turning east to Sunup imminent. A paradisal, parallel topography, probably, of euphonious spatial and phasal sonorities for to provoke the conventional ear” on their Bandcamp.

Track List:

  1. Theme for an Old World
  2. Sun-day
  3. Angel of the Lowlands
  4. Blue Sky Girl
  5. In the Summer sun
  6. Garden of Stars
  7. Another Rung
  8. Inkling Of
  9. Juniper
  10. If I Only Knew
  11. High Dive
  12. Crossing
  13. Way It Is
  14. Evening Subsides
  15. Blacklands Prairie
  16. Soon as the Moon