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Mission Statement

KZSC is a noncommercial, educational, community radio station and student-run organization at UC Santa Cruz. At our core, we are curators, journalists, and advocates of inclusivity and the collaborative arts. We at KZSC share the goal of uplifting alternative and underrepresented voices in the media. This includes, but is not limited to: women; cultural, ethnic and racial minorities; people of all sexual orientations; gender identities; as well as seniors and those with disabilities. 

As a volunteer-driven space, we are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all volunteers. Station-wide teamwork is fostered through open and transparent communication by KZSC’s Student Governing Board. Through underwriting, PSAs, events and projects, we sustain symbiotic relationships with our local and campus communities. We aim to reflect our values in our internal operations and programming.

Our educational model views every member of our community as both teacher and student, ensuring that institutional and cultural knowledge is transferred between current staff, and to future programmers and journalists. KZSC promotes growth by training journalists and DJs to produce quality programs that are accurate, relevant, well-produced and regularly reviewed.


In 1928, the Federal Radio Commission (the predecessor to the FCC) elaborated a definition of “public interest” in the following terms (cited in part):

Broadcasting stations are licensed to serve the public and not for the purpose of furthering the private or selfish interests of individuals or groups of individuals. The standard of public interest, convenience, or necessity means nothing if it does not mean this…The entire listening public within the service area of a station.., is entitled to service from that station…A broadcasting station may be regarded as a sort of ‘mouthpiece on the air for the community it serves, over which its public events of general interest…may be broadcast. If…the station performs its duty in furnishing a well-rounded program, the rights of the community have been achieved.

KZSC is dedicated to this definition of “public interest.” KZSC is dedicated to producing the best radio our various personnel and facilities will permit, serving the UCSC campus and our larger listening audience with news, public affairs, music, entertainment and spoken word programming as well as broadcasts and information about various UCSC campus events and issues.