• 1967: Student run radio begins at UCSC.
    Dr. Mark Bernhard remembers:

    Radio at UCSC actually started in 1967-8 with the broadcasts of KRUZ from the basement of Stevenson Dorm 2. I don’t remember how many watts, but I think we could be heard as far away as Dorm 7. The programs were mostly music, but there was also a radio serial drama entitled “The Adventures of Karl Zyzz” written and performed by yours truly, Stephen Pollock (now deceased) and Marc Okrand. Marc (the real brains behind this venture) was a former KPFK/Los Angeles volunteer and friend of the Firesign Theater (after whom our shtick was largely fashioned). He went on to fortune-less fame and Star Trek trivia notoriety as the creator of the Klingon language. I also remember a guy named Lany Jolmson who was instrumental in starting KRUZ. He worked for several commercial broadcasters in the area both as a DJ and promoter. I don’t know whatever happened to him. I also don’t know how long KRUZ actually lasted.

  • 1974 KRUZ becomes KZSC: FM station now broadcasting at 10 watts.
  • 1976 June: FCC application filed to increase wattage.
  • 1976 Sept: Full authority from FCC to construct new transmitting facilities granted.
  • 1980 June 14th: Power increased to 1,250 watts and moved into new campus location.
  • 1988 December: FCC Amends its unconstitutional ruling and allows stations “safe harbor” hours from 10 pm to 6 am.
  • 1991 Spring: U.S Bombing of Iraq: KZSC covers downtown protest (live).
  • 1993: Budget update: KZSC’s registration fee allocation cut from $68,000 to $30,000
  • 2002 July: KZSC upgrades its signal to 10,000 watts, allowing us to broadcast to listeners throughout Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties.
  • 2002 Spring: The students of UCSC pass Measure IV to provide KZSC with a one-time funding boost to complete a major renovation, bringing us into the 21st century.
  • 2003 Winter: Renovation begins, starting with the Studio B Production Room. KZSC begins internationally accessible webstreaming.
  • 2003 Spring: KZSC’s First Annual Spring Festivals featuring Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Coup, and Hella.
  • 2004 Winter: First live, play-by-play broadcast of a UCSC sports event on KZSC.
  • 2004 Spring: Spiffy new On-Air studio unveiled
  • 2004 Spring: KZSC’s Second Annual Spring Festival featuring Andrew WK.
  • 2005 Spring: KZSC’s Third Annual Spring Festival featuring Ratatat and High on Fire.
  • 2007 Summer: KZSC finally upgrades its signal to 20,000 watts after months of technical difficulties