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Anybody who knows me knows that I am a Flying Lotus fanatic (fan) so of course I am going to blog about his new album released this month entitled “Until the Quiet Comes.”

This album continues Lotus’ move away from a hip-hop beat base into more of a melodic focused sound while still managing to keep the hip-hop feel embedded in the music. In my experience, the albums that end up defining me never stick the first time. This album is no exception. It has taken a few listens but I have started to notice and appreciate the nuances and contrasts between the pieces.

I suggest first listening to the album in its entirety when focused on something else. “Until the Quiet Comes” is like “Cosmogramma” in that it is extremely important to listen to the songs in order and without interruption, there is so much from this album that cannot be captured without the transitions from track to track. After listening to the entire album passively, grab a nice pair of earbuds and lie in bed in a dark room and really focus on the sounds this time. A nice exercise is to try and identify all the different instruments or sounds featured in a track.

So go ahead. Give it a shot. It will be time well spent.