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Hip Hop charts from July at KZSC!

  1. TOUSSAINT MORRISON    Fast Times At Trillmont High    Urban Home Companion
  2. BRYANT DOPE X HANNIBAL KING    New New York    Young One
  3. DESSA    Parts Of Speech    Doomtree
  4. RABBI DARKSIDE    Prospect Ave    Say Word
  5. ACEYALONE    Leanin’ On Slick    Decon
  6. YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND    “20 Questions” [Single]    Tru Thoughts
  7. FAT TONY    Smart Ass Black Boy    Young One
  8. KID CUDI    Indicud    Wicked Awesome
  9. ANIMAL NATION AND SLY BUSINESS    Don’t Grow Up To Be Like Us
  10. A$AP ROCKY    LongLiveA$AP    RCA