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Nirvana’s seminal masterwork and final studio album In Utero, originally released via Sub Pop in 1993, will be born again next month thanks to Universal Music. The album’s 20th anniversary edition will arrive in a delectable collectible format, featuring the remastered album, B-sides, unheard demos, compilation tracks, live recordings, show footage, et cetera. The 70+ track collection includes the “Live and Loud” concert from Pier 48 in Seattle, which took place December 13, 1993 with Cobain, Novoselic, Grohl, and Pat Smear.

Sub Pop has been having a field day revealing little tidbits about the band on their Tumblr, the latest being the original contract Kurt Cobain and the guys signed back in 1989.

“Six hundred bucks well spent—not that we had it at the time.”













Check out Steve Albini’s cut of “Heart Shaped Box” below (side note: the forthcoming reissue contains a four-page note from Albini to the band before they worked together on the record), and prepare yourself for the rebirth of a timeless classic into the airwaves, next month here at the Great 88.