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To further put off studying for finals last friday, I attended one of Bay Area rapper Lil B The BasedGod’’s #veryrare concerts at The Catalyst. Well known in the Bay for his work in rap group The Pack (who opened for him), Lil B has reached a distinguished status in the rap game through his extensive online social media presence as well as his prolific free mixtape collection available on the web. Best known for his self invented musical subgenre basedmusic, Lil B continues to expand and innovate within the hiphop genre with his stream of consciousness lyrics and eccentric selection of beats.

The show was a very positive experience, with Lil B intermingling the songs during his set with his trademark uplifting speeches about life, determination, and staying true to yourself. B played numerous fan favorites like Wonton Soup, Like a Martianand Ellen Degeneres; along with new tracks off of his upcoming mixtape Thugged Out Pissed Off: including his recently released track Child Support Me. The show concluded after feel good anthem I Love You, followed by Lil B facilitating a fan meet and greet that lasted nearly two hours after the show had officially ended. Overall, Lil Bs concert was a lot of fun and I would definitely attend another one next time hes in the area.

  –  By Chris DeMello