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An EP (extended play) sits in the realm between a single and an album; anything from 2 to 6 songs qualifies. Matthew Azrieli’s “Chloe” is at the outer limit. Six indie folk rock love songs in a row, so it has an album feel to it anyway. Now, I will confess a strong dislike of love songs that do not have a tinge of sadness or pain in the lyrics. Fortunately for us, these songs are not kitten fluffy, and the words are backed up with musical skill and complexity. Oh baby, that trumpet was layered in just right. My first impression of the vocals not having enough range was wrong, especially when I got to the last track, Where Are You Tonight. The only track that fell flat for me was the shortest one, Baby It’s Hard (Not To Love You). It was an abrupt departure stylistically from the rest of the EP; an add-on. It did not seem as genuine as the other 5 tracks and should have been left out. Nonetheless, Matthew Azrieli and his crew are putting together some fine work. Relax your ear and tune it in.

– by David Anton Savage