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The Man The Myth The Legend…

David Anton Savage, The Savage, as he is warmly known by many at the station, has been a big part of the KZSC Community for 16 years now. Best known for his work on Unfiltered Camels, a show which began in the Fall of 1989; he became the host in June of 1999 (and the show hits its 26th year this Fall) !

Savage has also gone above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer at KZSC. He has served on the Program Review Committee four times and was elected to be the station’s music librarian for two years in a row.

He has acted as an alternate host for the public affairs show Talkabout for many years, and been involved with various side projects, including:

  • For almost every Summer since 2007 , he has hosted The Savage Bistro, a show dedicated to mixing music and spoken word. It is a show that can only be on after hours because things can get kind of savage.
  • Also, beginning last Summer, 2014, he created a new show called, Insect Agony, a program of free-form experimental music and noise. Which has now grow to a large collective of his fellow DJs programming for chaos theory.
  • And finally, in his alter ego, DJ Goy Boy, he produces a weekly feature for the Sunday radio show, Musikal Jewz, called “Did Jew Know?” a  2 to 4 minute segment of Jewish knowledge.

So here is to David Anton Savage for truly being a dedicated member of the KZSC community through and through. Very well deserving of August’s Programmer of the Month!