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In Wouter Kellerman’s album Love Language, he focuses on classical flute styles intertwined with Roots music. Kellerman’s mixture of contemporary music, and traditional musical styles from South Africa, brings a refreshing new spin on classical flute instrumentation. He’s worked with many types of styles and has been influenced most by regions such as Senegal, Spain, Cuba, India, and Greece.

Listen to the song “Zinizi” off of Wouter Kellerman’s album, Love Language. The upbeat percussion, flute melodies, and mystical vocal harmonies allow for a beautiful new album.


  1. Johnny Greenwood/Shye Ben Tzur/Rajasthan Express-Junun
  2. Wouter Kellerman-Love Language
  3. Sanjay Chitale and Sandeep Chowta-American Pilgrimage
  4. Karavan Sarai Project-Woven Landscapes
  5. Sean Robbins-Olanui
  6. Gyasi Ross-Isskootsik
  7. Grupo Fantasma-Problemas
  8. Carla Morrison-Amor Supremo
  9. Debashish Bhattacharya-Beyond The Ragasphere
  10. Global Guitar Greats-Common Ground (EP)


  1. Baaba Maal-The Traveler
  2. Various Artists-Putamayo Presents:Vintage Latino
  3. Jose Negroni-Negroni Piano +9
  4. Michael Franti and Spearhead-Once A Day Rise Up
  5. Protoje-Ancient Future