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February 26th and 27th, marked another successful year for the Bay Area concert Wobbleland hosted by Vital Events. Lines wrapped around The City National Civic with people eager to dance all night to the sweet sounds of EDM. Headliners Hucci and GTA dropped killer tracks, but honestly all the DJs brought their best to the weekend. From the opening performers to the headliners, the dancing never stopped! On top of their usual indoor main stage, Wobbleland included an outdoor tent introducing two stages for first time. The second stage was perfect if you wanted to get outside for some air and still enjoy the show. Wobbleland 2016 was a huge hit. I think my favorite part, besides the music, has to be the crowd. It must have been the music or simply the bay area people, but everyone was so friendly and dancing. The weekend was a huge success and KZSC thanks one of our own, Santiago Torrecilla, for inviting us to join!

Santiago is a UCSC alumni and started his company Vital Events here in Santa Cruz. I had the opportunity of interviewing him the week following Wobbleland and learning about how Vital Events came to be.

In 2009, Santiago was a UCSC senior studying Business Management during the recession. Eager to find a job after graduating, he got together with some friends to plan their future careers. One of their ideas ended up leading to the very first Wobbleland show. What’s the most exciting is that the show was held and sold out in the Catalyst Club back in 2010. The success of throwing concerts in the Bay Area kept Santiago in Northern California, putting on shows year round. It is very inspiring to hear of the success that Vital Events has seen after starting some six years ago here on campus by Santiago and his close friend, another ucsc student! Santiago concluded by telling me that “college is the most free time you will ever have.” Take the time now while you are in school to pursue and create what you love, for Santiago it was managing a music company. What will it be for you?

Another UCSC alumni who has been by Santiago’s side as Vital Events developed is producer and DJ, Minnesota. Check him out on soundcloud:

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