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This Memorial Day weekend marked Lightning in a Bottle’s third year at the San Antonio Recreation Area. Closing off LIB’s Thunder Stage Saturday night were locally based producers Minnesota and G Jones. We got a chance to catch the Santa Cruz brewed producer Christian Bauhofer, who is Minnesota, earlier that day before his set Saturday night.

Is this your first appearance at Lightning in a Bottle?
M: I actually played Lightning in a Bottle four or five years ago when it was at a different location. First time headlining at the new location!

There is a huge Santa Cruz following. Everyone that I have talked to is really excited to see your and G Jones’ set, specifically, saying it will be their highlight of the weekend. What is the support like coming from Santa Cruz?
M: It’s been good I mean I lived in Santa Cruz for four years. G Jones still lives there and it’s really fun. I played The Catalyst a couple months ago and just had all the homies come out and it’s cool to see that support from people who were there when I first started playing. And Santa Cruz definitely shaped and changed my music, I kind of started listening to underground stuff. Renegades and underground parties and set me in the direction of my music.


Minnesota (left) and G Jones (right) closing off Thunder Stage Saturday night

I know you were part of starting Wobbleland in Santa Cruz.
M: I and my manager Santiago, basically, I was trying to play shows and I couldn’t get booked so we started throwing shows and we had lots of people show up and that changed things for us. And then we started Wobbleland at the Catalyst, but now I don’t do any of that stuff anymore, I just produce.

What is your process of starting a new track?
M: It changes a lot pretty much. Whatever is in my head, I just think until something comes. I wouldn’t say it is a set process. Just go with it see what happens and I play around with my synths a lot.

You have been performing with G Jones for a couple years, what is it like?
M: It’s been good, we have been friends for a while and we get to play really good festivals together. It’s cool playing with my homies. And it’s just fun to get to go up and play your favorite tracks in front of a bunch of people and drink booze. It’s the best job ever.

What do you do when you are not producing?
M: I rock climbing, I go bouldering. It’s good to stay somewhat physically fit. Other than that just hang out with my friends and my girlfriend, but for the most part just produce music.

What should we be looking forward to in your set today?
M: So when I do my own solo set, I figure out what I am going to play before hand. But with sets with Greg, we plan out the intro but after that we kind of don’t have a plan and that’s what makes it fun. So, it’s hard to say because I’m not exactly sure what I am going to play tonight!

Also, what advice can you give to students interested in electronic music?
M: I just went to my brother’s old high school and talked to the kids in the electronic music program. The main thing I told them was for me to actually start to get to do this for a living, I had to get involved in the community and the scene. I think that is important for anyone to start getting into electronic music and to be a good producer you have to kind of work yourself up.

Look out for his new EP coming out this Fall! Also, catch Minnesota at Enchanted Forest Music Festival this July and keep an eye out for the next time he performs around NorCal!

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