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Bonaroo Arch By Flickr User Shannon McGee

I’m a California, specifically Bay Area person, that hasn’t had much real experience with the hot, humid weather of the South. I also haven’t had to fight off the intense heat while pushing my way through crowds, working to get the best location for photos of some of my favorite bands. But I’m an avid music lover, as many other DJs are at KZSC Radio Station, and I’m getting ready to take on the beating sun in Tennessee.

Bonnaroo Music Festival is held annually at the Great Stage Park in Manchester, at the historic location of “The Farm”, about an hour South East of Nashville. The festival had its debut in 2002, and has featured many greats such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Kanye West,  James Brown, and Bob Dylan. Located in such a quintessential landmark such as the farm, and a host to many musicians and bands from a variety of genres, no wonder the festival was labeled one of the “50 moments that changed Rock & Roll” by Rolling Stone Magazine. I am excited to represent KZSC at a large-scale event such as this one, and I hope you can follow my check-ins during the weekend!

As the event has an annual influx of 85,000 campers per year, and approximately “700 acres of Tennessee nature”, I can’t promise I will be able to report to you from the blog, as the internet will be spotty. But I can promise a full report as soon as I reach “connection”, and make sure to check out the updates on the KZSC Instagram and Twitter page, as I’ll be posting more frequently from there.

Check out my updates specifically on: Tame Impala, LCD Soundsystem, J.Cole, The Internet, and many others.

Have a great Summer and hope to get your feedback about my updates on Bonnaroo Music Festival.

See you soon!


Sydney Fishman

DJ Syd the Kyd