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Sometimes a hole in your memory banks can really mess with you. It can be an unsettling feeling. Such was the case for yours truly on a long-overdue trip back East to see family. Turns out that, my hometown high school has a radio station! I was stoked and assumed that the radio station (and TV station) were added on when the school was totally renovated in 2012. Ah, but here’s where it starts to feel like I’ve entered the Twilight Zone… there was a radio station at my old high school in 1974! Two years before I graduated, and I can’t even tickle an inkling from the cranium??? It’s a bit embarrassing for a radio fanatic to admit; with 17 years of radio under my belt with KZSC. But I guess you just have to chalk it down to the fact that teenagers are easily distracted. There was a lot of stuff that just wasn’t on my radar. Regardless of my lack of recollection, it was great to stop in at WRPS 88.3 FM, see the air room, check out the class room and meet with the great staff working at the station. And, it should be noted, KZSC & WRPS have some things in common… each of them is non-commercial, they both have 1974 in their histories, each has a mission to teach radio to students and they share a great number on the dial, 88.