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On Thursday, March 16, 2017, DJ Mu and I attended Sammy J’s Spring Tour ‘17 at The Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz, which featured special guests Jordan T and Analea. DJ Mu and I were able to get two out of three interviews, one with rising star Jordan T and the up and coming Analea. Peep the video interview that I — riz aka djrsd — put together for Jordan T and DJ Mu’s audio interview of Analea! We’d also like to thank Sammy J’s, Jordan T’s, and Analea’s camps for this opportunity! Don’t forget to check out the concert review written below by Rizal Aliga (riz aka djrsd) and Rebecca Mu (DJ Mu)!

Okay, maybe I lied, this has to be one of the greatest live reggae performances I have ever seen from each respective camp at The Catalyst. DJ Mu and I were able to squeeze a quick 30 minute interview with Jordan T before the doors opened up for Analea and her camp who had an awesome performance. The group featured sweet and soothing harmonies, while setting the audience up for good vibes that were brought throughout the night. After a 20 to 30 minute performance, the crowd was ready to experience the island reggae sounds of Jordan T.

Jordan T, what can I say? such a character. My brother’s band, the Mango Kingz, the former backup band, had previously toured with Jordan T but was unable to tour with Jordan T this time around. Personally, I benefitted from my brother’s connections to Jordan T since I literally knew the whole set and because the Mango Kingz always practiced with Jordan T. However, this was my first time meeting and seeing Jordan T live because a majority of his shows are 21+ (of course lol). Word on the street is that Jordan T gives 110% every performance and yes, this is true, as his stellar performance was unforgettable. Jordan T came out to “Vibe With Me” and as the night went on, he performed new songs off his newest album “Bridges” which is set to release this year (and needs to be on your radar)! He mashed up tons of songs like Fiji’s “Naughty Girl,” Three Plus’ “Honey Baby,” One Drop’s “Little Black Dress,” and Beres Hammond’s “They Gonna Talk.” Jordan T’s energy and enthusiasm took the audience’s expectations to another level, reaching different keys, harmonies, and watching him experimenting his voice in “Closer To You” opened my eyes and left me in awe. Jordan T’s energy was contagious, as he closed out his night with his #1 hit single from 2013, “Sunset Tonight,” as he had approximately a one hour set, which was nearly longer than Sammy J’s performance.

As I anticipated, Sammy J’s night was excellent also, as the crowd couldn’t wait for him to come out! Sammy J came out to “Give Me All” and moved on performing hit songs such as “I’m the One,” “Wishing,” and my favorite “Fall In Love.” He showed the audience his recent single “I Wanna Be” and closed the night by bringing out Analea to perform their cover of “Turn Your Lights Down Low” and “Hey.” DJ Mu and I were able to catch up with Sammy J and camp afterwards and quickly talk about how much we loved his music and his performance. Sammy J was so kind towards us and as a result we felt comfortable enough to ask him to do ad-libs/IPs for KZSC and he was honored to!

(DJ Mu chiming in real quick!) We also got the amazing opportunity to meet up and chat with Analea for a hot second after the show. Analea, a Salt Lake City native, wowed the crowd and mesmerized us with her smooth and enchanting voice. As we were wrapping up Jordan T’s interview, we heard her voice from the H room in the Catalyst and I automatically was on “LET’S GO LISTEN mode”. Her voice melted me like butter and everyone was swaying their hips to her voice. After the concert, people went up to thank her and every single person (I kid you not) she hugged and had the utmost gratitude for their kind words. If there is such a person who is sunshine personified, it’s her. Analea is not only a musician and an extraordinary woman, but she is also a mother! We talked women in the Reggae music scene and she had the most amazing and positive words to encourage an upcoming of female artists. Being a mother herself, she wants nothing but to set a role model for her daughter, and other girls alike, and wants to encourage girls of all ages to pursue any profession. Whether it’d be a scientist or a musician, she wants every woman to know that we can do it! You can listen to the interview with Analea here.

Island Reggae music specifically has been experiencing a resurgence in the music world today as I still believe that it is not very represented on the radio. However, there are three reggae shows here at KZSC Santa Cruz, each are run by community members. Daddy Spleece with “All Fruits Ripe” Tuesday’s 9AM-12PM, DJ Tiffany with “Joy in the Morning” Thursday’s 9AM-12PM and Abraham / DJ YB with “Strictly Rockers” Saturday’s 6:30PM-8:30PM, yet I feel as though there should be one student-run (island) reggae show. I am currently working on proposing an island reggae show here at KZSC Santa Cruz and using this radio platform to hopefully give our listeners more exposure of island reggae music here in the Monterey Bay! You’ll hear the Jordan T’s contribution to DJ Mu’s Surf Reports which air on Fridays 5:30-6PM during Just In From Outdoors. Additionally, if I do get my show, you will definitely hear the new sounds of Sammy J, Jordan T, and Analea here on community supported radio station, the great 88!

P.S. Refer to Spleece’s Santa Cruz reggae website 

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