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I had the opportunity to talk with Monica Kim Garza, an artist who is currently working out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her art features colorful beach landscapes, nude portraits of people with different shapes and sizes, often relaxing in tropical places with fruit, or surfing in the ocean waves. Her paintings depict ambiguous colors, often invoking a feeling of multiple cultures and nationalities all in one portrait. To see what I am talking about, go to, or check out her amazingly beautiful instagram monicakimgarza. Here is me, Sydney Fishman, and Monica talking about food and culture in Atlanta, and what she wants to portray in her artwork. Also check out her interview live on our last No Pasa Nada, with Dustin Choto, who will play the interview around 10 AM on KZSC, Santa Cruz. Here is the track here, on the KZSC Soundcloud below, and some more paintings of hers in case you wanna check them out. 


Monica Kim Garza

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