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This Wednesday, February 28th, KZSC is participating in UCSCs annual giving day! Giving Day is a 24 hour online donation drive including many on campus clubs, organizations, and programs. Each participant promotes their own projects, collecting donations throughout the 24 hours while simultaneously competing with other participants to win “challenges” set up by the University. To learn more about what giving day’s all about, and what challenges we have the opportunity to win, head to

Last year, KZSCs giving day goal was to kick off our KZSC news program and thanks to our generous donors we have now been broadcasting local news every week for a year! We feel very lucky to have such generous listeners who are dedicated to local, community based news broadcasting.

This year, we are asking listeners to help us extend our news program to twice a week– doubling our impact, outreach and quality. With an extra news program in our week, listeners will have the opportunity to be twice as informed about their community, as well as giving our dedicated reporters more opportunities to cover stories most important to our listeners.

We hope you will think of us this Wednesday, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family!