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Shoreline Mafia consists of four main rappers: Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious, & Master Kato. This upcoming group based out of Los Angeles, CA, is a group you cannot miss performing live! They just recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records & are currently on their first “Off The Xtra Tour” which has been sold out at every location. RIZ aka RSD caught up with the gang to discuss the following: 2018 OTX Tour, what OTX means, Mozzy #KickTheCupChallenge, Lessons learned from music, process of music, the definition of “drippin,” being featured on magazines, their relationship with Bay Area musicians (specifically SOB X RBE), & what is “dropping” next! Check out the interview below conducted by RIZ with assistance from Santiago Alvarez.

Fans were eager and waiting in line since 2 PM to see Shoreline Mafia perform at The Catalyst. Another sold out show on their OTX Tour caused them to be moved from The Atrium (the smaller venue in The Catalyst) to the Main Stage due to popular demand. They originally sold out the Atrium in 8 minutes, then sold out the Main Stage in roughly 4 minutes. Santiago & I pulled up around 8:30ish and The Catalyst started to let people into the venue.

Around 9ish, fans were chanting “Shoreline, Shoreline, Shoreline,” non-stop as they were anxious to see them. After only two openers that kept the crowd moving, tensions were high and a ton of fights broke out during the show. Moving along to Shoreline Mafia, they came on around 10:15 PM and did not disappoint. The crowd was insane, knowing nearly every lyric and every song the gang performed. Check below for some footage provided by Santiago and myself:

What surprised me the most was how genuine Shoreline Mafia really is. Just recently being signed to Atlantic Records is a massive deal for them and they know that they have to be presentable (and they are). When they were doing their meet and greet, they talked to the long line of dedicated fans one-by-one for 2-5 minutes each and fans were able to have conversations with the crew. After that, upon interviewing them, the four were very tired from the four consecutive shows (3.7-3.10) back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I did not want to keep them from their traveling schedule but I was able to ask all the questions I wanted to and I definitely did not want to ask them questions they were already asked (graffiti, influences etc). Out of the 81 interviews & blogs I have conducted or contributed to, (they were number 81) they were hella funny and chill with being interviewed. It was truly a blessing to get in contact with Justin from Atlantic Records, Sherwin (the current manager for this tour), and TK, to get this interview done. Whenever you see Shoreline Mafia pull up into your area, it is a mandatory slither. Shoreline Mafia is next up and 2018 is their year.

Shoreline Mafia – Bottle Service (Official Music Video)


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written by: Rizal Aliga & Santiago Alvarez