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Last Friday, I got the chance to sit down with former Santa Cruzian Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota. His hits such as “HiLow” and “Stardust Redux” highlight Christian’s unique sound of mixing heavy bass rhythms with musical elements of melodic synths and catchy phrases. His exuberant stage presence and mixing talent has made him a crowd favorite at notable festivals such as Wobbleland, Phoenix Lights, and Shaky Beats Festival. He has headlined two tours, and is currently on his third tour celebrating his latest EP, Curio (some tracks to listen to are Desert Diamond and Technique). A stop on his tour was the Catalyst Club where I got to chill with the guy and converse a bit before his 2 hour set.


Due to outside circumstances, the last question I had for Christian had cut out of the recording. What I could grab from my notes was this:  


Q: What do you what to see for the future in electronic music, and your music in particular?

C: Hmm, it’s hard to give a direct answer for that. It’s hard to tell which way music is going to go in the future. I can mostly say that I’m excited to see nationally where electronic music goes and what other producers are coming up with. I hope people keep sticking to make weirder, unheard of kinds of sounds that can go in different directions, not just strictly out of EDM.


As a trailblazer in the world of dance music, Minnesota is one to instantly add to your “Artist to Watch” playlist. I am looking forward to see what he will make in the future.