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Spring has sprung and we’re two weeks into our new schedule with fresh faces (or voices) on KZSC. Here’s a guide to some new DJs on air this season.

DJ Mood Ring on Moody Classics

There are many artists considered to be trendsetters both emotionally and sonically. These artists are spotlighted on Moody Classics, where DJ Mood Ring brings his enthusiasm into playing everything from their greatest hits to little known deep cuts. Tune in Saturdays from 10pm to 12am.

DJ Hari on Live! from the Library

For everyone who wishes they didn’t miss out on a great concert, DJ Hari plays the best of them spanning across genres from Miles Davis to the Beastie Boys, from small basement concerts to sold-out stadium shows. Tune in Sunday nights from midnight to 2am.

nochtli on Closing Credits

nochtli spent the last season as a mentee on Closing Credits and he soon called it his home. The latest episode played the best from soundtracks of Westerns.

DJ DSPLN on Selma to Santa Cruz

DJ DSPLN was among a small group of UCSC students to visit Selma, Alabama on the Cultural Exchange Trip which took place March 27 through April 3. Apart from engaging in community service projects alongside locals, DJ DSPLN interviewed locals from different backgrounds for much needed discourse about cultural diversity and personal well-being. His show is often soundtracked by the musical acts with roots in Alabama including Martha Reeves, Wilson Picket, and Sun Ra. His goal is to “Build a Beloved Community” across state lines. Listen to his latest interview with Frank Hardy who was a local boxing instructor and a mentor to many.

galexy on Planetary Fix

Pebbles and Nuggets were compilations of “Original Punk Rock” from the 1960s released decades after their recordings. This era of music laid the platform for punk and alternative rock to come in the form of garage, psychedelia, and proto-punk that was hard-hitting and raw, and didn’t share the same limelight as other rock acts of the era. Tune in to the best of this era on Planetary Fix, Saturday nights from midnight to 2am.

DJ Peach on Shred Cruz

Emo may be gettin’ trendy again but DJ Peach has been there through it all. Shred Cruz explores the roots, revivals, and inspirations of emo. Tune in for an emotionally charged time on Thursdays from 3 to 4pm.

DJ Sap on Crowd Surfing

When asked about how to describe Crowd Surfing, DJ Sap didn’t know how to describe it. However, there runs this unifying theme in the music of Crowd Surfing. It speaks of the punk scenes deeply rooted in Southern California beach towns and skate and surf culture. Playing everything from the Beach Boys to Bad Religion, tune in Friday nights from midnight to 2am.

DJ Fizzi Pop on Play Like a Girl

The future is female! DJ Fizzi Pop brings you two hours dedicated to female and femme artists and producers across all genres. Tune in Tuesdays from 3-5pm.

DJ Maddie on Community Cauldron

Music is for the people, especially on DJ Maddie’s new show, where she invites you to add sugar or spice to a show made to taste. You give her some songs you like, and she’ll give you songs she thinks you’ll like. It’s almost like the lost art form of creating a mixtape. To be featured you can email [email protected] or call in Saturday mornings from 7-9am.

DJ Playpal on Calls from the Abyss

There is a shortage of metal shows on KZSC but, fear not, there is a place for all you metalheads out there on Thursday nights. DJ Playpal describes the songs on Calls from the Abyss as “songs you can desecrate to”. Tune in Thursdays after Que te Importa! from midnight to 2am.

honey julz on GoldnTunez

Hip-hop and R&B are having a moment in today’s culture, but this isn’t the first time it has reigned supreme. honey julz plays the tracks throughout its decades as a cultural force from Ms. Lauryn Hill to Outkast. Tune into GoldnTunez, Wednesday nights from midnight to 2am.

Super E on Under the Covers

The art of the cover is a hard one to master. To appreciate another person’s art whilst making it your own requires finesse. It is an intimate act, making a part of someone else, a part of your own. Super E knows this, playing only the best Monday nights, 12-2AM.

DJ Z. on Soul Syrup

KZSC loves soul music. It has the power to strike a chord with people of all walks of life, whether it’s songs about love, heartbreak, movin’ on up, or gettin’ down. DJ Z. plays only the sweetest of soul n’ funk Friday nights from 10pm to midnight.

If you missed out on a show or want more music spun by your new favorite DJs, go to and search for kzsc or find the playlist on and click on the Schedules & Playlists tab.