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After his final tour as Trippy Turtle, moving away from his high-tempo/high-energy jersey club music, Peder Losnegård has shifted his music focus to his other stage name Lido. As Lido, his music is more focused on Hip-Hop and R&B with an electronic twist. Lido has been around for quite some time now, one of his most popular songs to date is Angels with Chance the Rapper.

He has also worked with other artists such as Halsey and Cashmere Cat.

In 2018, he is back working closely with Seattle rapper J’Von in producing the EP Spacesuit. The EP includes 7 R&B tracks that flow smoothly and effortlessly, along with its soulful vibe throughout the EP which displays the beautiful production and work of Lido and J’Von.

Some of my favorite tracks in this EP are Sneakerhead, Westin, and Stay With Me.

You can check out the whole EP here.


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