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On May 19th, 2018 American alternative R&B and soul singer-songwriter and producer, JMSN, along with his drummer and bassist, appeared onstage at the Atrium in the Catalyst in Downtown Santa Cruz. Opening up to a smaller audience, the crowd was able to truly embrace the intimacy that JMSN and his band showcased; his soulful and powerful voice captivated members of the crowd. The passion that each member of the band has for music was revealed especially during their solo performances.

JMSN’s genre is primarily known for his R&B and soul music, however during his elaborate guitar solos, he let his passion for rock music transpire. These solos at times had musical elements similar to those of rock bands such as The Neighbourhood, especially once JMSN’s guitar talents were met with the bassist’s smooth beats. He performed hit songs such as “Drinkin’” as well as premiering his newest track “So Badly.” We had the opportunity to chat with JMSN after his enticing set. If you haven’t seen JMSN perform live yet, you should definitely make an effort to see him next time he’s in a town near you! Check out his music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Written by: DJ N$TY K & DJ LODÄNI