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NIKI has just recently entered the music scene, a 19-year-old R&B artist from Indonesia. I first discovered her with her singles, “See U Never” and “I LIKE YOU”. In 2018 she has finally released her debut project ZEPHYR under 88rising, which included 8 tracks mostly written and produced by NIKI herself. The 8 tracks have been laid out to explore her past relationships and attempts at love. The project overall has a smooth vibe throughout and each song is placed strategically for her storytelling.

Here are the songs listed in order and their breakdowns.

  1. Newsflash!

A song to add on to your break up playlist. Leaving a past lover, she won’t allow him to bring her down anymore. Telling him, “Go be someone else’s hangover”. In the end, she has moved onto better things.

  1. Say My Name

This song welcomes a new lover in her life. Specifically a song for the bedroom.

  1. Friends

NIKI has a close friend who has become important in her life but constantly gets into situations where things seem to go too far. She questions their relationship every time they spend time together. Trying to establish that the two should only be friends, but temptation is always lurking.

  1. Spell

Exactly what the title says, she is falling in love with someone and wants the other person to feel the same way. Asking for him to let her in and allow her to become his lover.

  1. Vintage

Newsflash! Welcome back the old lover. Reminiscing about her past relationship, she starts to remember their past and the memories they have made and wishes they may recreate those moments for one more night.

  1. Dancing with the Devil

Upon welcoming back her old lover, she has started to realize why they had ended things. This dance with the devil is her questions why he keeps playing games when all she wants to do is give him her time and attention. She seems to not be able to stop him from his mistakes. She persists as she does not want to move, “Cause the lovin’ so good”.

  1. Pools

After “Dancing with the Devil” she has finally given up on trying to mend this relationship. In pain, she questions, “Why’d you let me sink in pools of wishful thinking”?

  1. Around

In a heartbroken ballad, this song will remind you of someone who you know will always have a piece of your heart. Regardless of the ups and downs, they had shared, “You love me, I love you” will always be true.

You can listen to ZEPHYR here.

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