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by DJ Fizzi Pop

You may have heard their other-wordly remix of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”, or their iconic collaboration with Daft Punk. You also may have heard their brand new album, “See Without Eyes” that breaks the boundaries of electronic music. Whatever you know about them, The Glitch Mob is a trio that one will never forget. Their experimental eclectic mix of heavy bass, melodic symphonies, and mighty synths all with a swaggy hip-hop vibe is one that is said to be its own subgenre.

Hailing from LA, The Glitch Mob includes edIT (Edward), Ooah (Josh), and Boreta (Justin). With their music background and engineering skills combined, their performances consist of an over-the-top interactive musical journey from start to finish that incorporates live music and electronic maneuvers. The highlight of their shows is the development of their new instrument structure called the Blade 2.0….and it is crazy cool.

I had the opportunity to interview Justin Boreta, ⅓ of the Glitch Mob, who also happened to go to UCSC, and I kid you not, have his own radio show for our beloved KZSC. He was also a part of the Electronic Music Program that hailed other EDM icons such as Bassnectar and Minnesota. You can say that there’s something in the redwoods here in Santa Cruz that sparks musical geniuses.

Sit back, and enjoy the wisdom that Boreta gives.

The Glitch Mob just announced their next upcoming tour for late this year to early next year, with tickets on sale now. See the Blade 2.0 for yourself.