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Courtesy of Ross Collins

by Kenneth Arnold

Matt Collins: rapper, ambient musician, and Ninja High School graduate.

The indie and DIY music scene in Toronto during the 2000’s was filled with bands tearing at the fabric of conventional indie norms like Broken Social Scene’s 19 member ensemble, or Crystal Castles heavy uses of electronic noise with an indie aesthetic. But today’s group in question encapsulates the fiery passion of youthful activism and free speech that is found all over the world today. That group is Ninja High School. A dance-punk collective spearheaded by Matt Collins in 2003, who was creating ambient music at his parent’s home. The group’s music consists of simple sample-heavy production with plenty of rapping and unison shouting, which creates a chaotic harmony. The energy would carry more so into their live shows where Wolfgang Nessel would dance in the crowd and the rest of the group moshing on stage or in the audience. With such criminally underrated classics such as: “Jam Band Death Cult” and “Invasion Party” Ninja High School tore apart Toronto clubs, friend’s living rooms, as well as their own throats. In my interview with Matt we go over his early artistic pursuits, Ninja High School, post NHS, and what he’s up to now. Check it out!

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Courtesy of David Wallman
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Courtesy of David Wallman
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Courtesy of Ross Collins
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Courtesy of Whitney Kemble