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The Florida rapper’s sophomore release is nothing of note, and its attempt at comedy falls flat or comes off as gimmicky, such as the title of the album. Much like the title, Lil Pump is a joke who has been told one too many times at this point. One of many problems with this excuse of an album is simply the length of the songs. Only three out of sixteen tracks on the project are over three minutes. While I personally appreciate that the songs were not that long for the sake of my sanity, the songs feel undercooked and barely finished at times. The most ‘polished’ songs on the record often feel padded out for the time through the use of repetitive and ear-grinding hooks and refrains that are painful to get through.

The two-minute single, ‘I Love It’, was debuted at the Pornhub Video Awards, along with its ridiculous music video, which featured Kanye West and Lil Pump in Roblox-like costumes. The song quickly loses its charm despite the somewhat catchy hook and beat. The only other songs worth noting are ‘Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)’, and ‘Be Like Me (feat. Lil Wayne)’, which are both mentioned solely for their features. However, having to wait two or so minutes for a verse is like putting a band-aid on a sinking ship. The sophomore slump is real on this project, and Lil Pump joins the other mediocre artists (Lil Yachty) that are simply waiting to fade out into irrelevance after their fifteen minutes of fame. Unfortunately, pre-teens and Internet meme culture will likely extend their careers, despite their music being catered to the lowest common denominator as well as not having any appeal whatsoever.

This album is obnoxious at best, and unlistenable at worst. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.


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Written by: John Yu (@stimyulus)