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Alice Bag – “Se Cree Joven”

Alice Bag is a Chicana from East Los Angeles that co-founded a punk band in the 1970’s. Her 2018 album Blueprint is filled with feminist topics and includes guests Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile and Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. The song “Se Cree Joven” (“She Thinks She’s Young”) fights back against the stigma on how older women should dress and look. In vibrant purple hair Alice Bag declares “Esa mujer soy yo Y de quince o de cien Yo voy a ser quien soy Porque así me siento bien!” (“From 15 to 100 years old I’m going to be who I am because that’s what makes me feel good”).

Nitty Scott – “Flower Child” feat. Kendrick Lamar

Nitty Scott is a MC from New York with a strong talent for writing verses. If you like strong lyricists like Earl Sweatshirt, Atmosphere, Kendrick, or Eyedea than you will enjoy her song “Flower Child”. The song’s instrumentals has a lo-fi feel to it. Her songs “La Diaspora” and “Negrita” from her album Creature! are also great and they tap into her Afro-Latina identity. In 2015, people were questioning Nitty Scott’s apparence, which she discussed in an interview with Hot 97. Nitty Scott explain how her music team told her“you Nitty Scott can not be both smart and progressive and earthy and relatable and all these positive things that you want to embody. You cannot be that and be sexy at the same time. I was literally told that, that is intimidating that nobody would take you seriously”. But despite the music industry telling here there are limitations of who she can be, Nitty Scott decided to challenge those ideas and embrace her body.

Cherry Glazerr – “Pieces”

Cherry Glazerr is a rock band from Los Angeles known for their songs “Had Ten Dollaz” and “Told You I’d be with the Guys”. Their sound is fun, unique, adventurous, and a little addicting. Piece is a particular pleasing song from their Stuffed & Ready album that was released February 1st, 2019.