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by Isabella Balbi

Clad in guayaberas and armed with confetti and candy to throw into the crowd, Los Wálters took the Cafe Du Nord stage Friday night, on the Noisepop bill with fellow electronic duo SUMif, and Oakland local psychedelic pop group Pink Skies. Pink Skies opened the evening with a groovy, mellow set, taking photos with fans and joining their ecstatic parents after the show.

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SUMif followed, faces painted with their trademark glitter, as more of a crowd began to pour in. The duo was fronted by Steph Wells, who gave a dynamic performance in the intimate space, interacting with the audience and jumping about the stage freely.

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Los Wálters closed out the night to a dynamic crowd of mildly drunk bodies who flopped around eagerly to the Puerto Rican duos electronic synth pop. A few songs into the set, they threw candy into the audience, fitting as the duos latest EP was titled “Caramelo”. The electronic melodies and Caribbean elements echoed throughout the Cafe Du Nord, and the duo performed an exuberant set complete with an encore that left the sweaty crowd wanting more than the sweet treats given out to them.

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