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FAV TRACKS: Big Wheels, Georgia, Corpus Christi, Baby Boy

BROCKHAMPTON founder and fickle Twitter user Kevin Abstract is back to captivate our eardrums in 2019. After dropping the first part of the ARIZONA baby album a week prior, Abstract has followed up with three more tracks on this new EP, which apparently seems to be the second part of the ARIZONA baby album. “I see worth in myself, I won’t run away again / I’m prayin’ for my friends, they prayin’ this won’t end / But I know it does, just like all things / In the end, it’s just me and my mood swings” the Texan singer/rapper claims on the second verse. The hook of the song supposedly interpolates the 1960 Ray Charles hit, “Georgia On My Mind”.

Simpson’s music has definitely changed a lot since 2016, with his release of American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. His music has more autotune and BROCKHAMPTON influence and is generally less ‘poppy’ sounding than his last release. ‘Corpus Christi’ is another standout track in this new EP, a confessional and emotional track, which get its title from Kevin’s hometown of the same time. Abstract mentions former BROCKHAMPTON member and childhood friend Ameer Vann in the second verse, “I wonder if Ameer think about me, or what he think about me”. Vann left the group following last year’s sexual assault allegations against him.

‘Baby Boy’ is something that some fans will recognize as the “LET’S GET MARRIED” snippet a year or so ago when the BROCKHAMPTON Youtube channel uploaded a video featuring Jaden Smith announcing their signing to RCA. The song is a slow guitar ballad, with a gorgeous hook by LA-based singer/songwriter, Ryan Beatty. Beatty has previously worked on some of BROCKHAMPTON songs such as ‘QUEER’, ‘BLEACH’, and the live version of ‘TONYA’.

Ghettobaby is a short but enjoyable set of tracks. Only half of them are new, but all of them have the Texan musicians undeniable style and musical vision.


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Written by: John Yu (@stimyulus)