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Dissolve into low touching tones and ascend with the light elongated vocal notes of Swedish Persian singer-songwriter Snoh Aalegra. From songs with lofi sounding instrumentals to traditional R&B with an added a dash of swedish soul, Snoh Aalegra has been creating these Scandinavian groves since 2009. She has collabed with multiple artists including Vince Mesa, Common, Timbuktu, Logic, and her song “Time” was even sampled by Drake. This year Snoh Aalegra released two singles, and will be performed at the music festival Sol Blume in Sacramento.

“Fool for You”  glows tender with innocent sentiments. The commonly universal theme of being captivated by another person has a sweet twist here. There is something delightful, light-hearted, and thrilling in the song’s feelings. At times the synth even feels like butterflies flickering amid freshly brewing love.“I know myself, but I pretend, I leave and I come back again, I’m a fool for you”.


“Nothing Burns Like The Cold” is hypnotizing and seductive, futuristic and nostalgic. Its expanding and extended instrumentals leave you longing. The song features Long Beach rapper Vince Staples, giving it a hip hop element, verging on trip hop. If you like Portishead’s “Glory Box”, you will enjoy this song.  


This song is perfect for those sad girl/boy hours. “It’s only gonna get worse, it’s only gonna get worse”. There is loneliness and sorrow in the desolate singing of this song. A drunken abandonment of hope. An entertainment of apprehension.  An alluring acknowledgement that things will break, fall apart, and a painful and alleviating willingness to explore that.