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by Edith Adriana Saldano De La Paz

It seems like around this time people would usually be tweeting that they want cuddles and that they’re ready to be cuffed. But no! It’s actually break-up season! As scorpio season passes by, I feel like I have been seeing couples drop left and right, is there something in the air or has it been those PG&E power outages giving everyone enough free time to rethink their relationship goals? Either way, being single gives everyone that extra free time to pick up new hobbies, get a haircut, or check out some tunes they might not have heard otherwise. That’s why I decided to make a playlist for those who are feeling the range of sadness break-ups can come with. Full of songs with soft vocals and minimal guitar rips, this five hour playlist features artists like Daughter, Bon Iver, and RY X, and is perfect to let your tears out to while laying in bed on a cold November night: