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By DJ Maybe
A little bit ago I asked some KZSC DJ’s what their favorite songs from the decade were. A complicated question. Kind of hoping for a “first thought, best thought” bunch of instinctual answers. Instinct compiled this playlist, and it is by no means complete, because how do you narrow down a decade in songs? 
Since these songs weren’t all my picks, I can’t speak for them. They speak for the staff members who picked them, and their respective coming of age journeys this decade. Where one weaves in and out of shopping malls and school hallways. We unlocked our smart phones, logged in, and explored pop culture incessantly until something fit right. Engaging in culture that was rapidly changing, at all times, these songs are our stories of mercurial delightful painful adoration. 
Looking at this playlist, I see a group of dedicated KZSC staff that, every year and for 5 decades now, come together to work and uphold broadcasting for everyone. 
Music bloomed in this internet age and the decade was a playground of exploration and discovery. It showed me: everyone is creating, and everyone is listening.  
Take a listen to this decade playlist we have compiled. Remember that one song you liked? That your mom hated? That your sibling showed you? That got you through sophomore year?