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All photos by Henry Thomas 

By Henry Thomas

Chastity Belt Show Review.

Febraury 9, 2020 

I went into this show knowing absolutely nothing about Chastity Belt except for a 60 second clip of their music video for “It Takes Time” and I must say I was really impressed.

Not only does the band have undeniable chemistry that created a really nice vibe throughout the room, but their music is really good. Lead singer Julia Shapario’s soft and soothing voice along with her compelling lyrics was absolutely stellar. Drummer Gretchen Grimm, whose birthday was the day of the concert, provided a good foundation for bassist Annie Truscot and guitarist Lydia Lund to lay down some great sounds.

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If I had to describe the band’s sound I would say soulful indie with some flavors from psychedelic rock. The band wasn’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and do something a little out of the ordinary, like have some whaling synth noises in two of their songs. What they did really paid off.

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The band captured the crowd and had almost everyone swaying back and forth to the sounds of their airy vocals and experimental instrumentals. The band still falls in line with your run of the mill alternative band, However the effort that they put into their songs and their collective creative ideas set them apart from a lot of other bands I’ve heard. If you’re looking for a new band with a consistent and soulful discography, look no further than Chastity Belt.

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