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By DJ Melanchollie

Shrouded in pink smoke and enveloped by beams of blue light, the experimental bedroom pop duo Good Morning graced the stage of the Starline Social Club this past Friday and filled the intimate space with their jangly guitar riffs and melodious vocals. The Australian twosome Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons were also joined by live members James Macleod and John Considine who helped amplify the lofi sounds signature to the band’s recorded releases. 

Unnamed 3

The Oakland natives Blues Lawyer were the first to take the stage, amping up the crowd with post punk tunes of the indie rock persuasion. 

Unnamed 2

Fellow two piece Cones followed with their upbeat synth-pop, keeping the mood lively as an eager audience waited for Good Morning.


As the long awaited foursome came on stage, bodies tricked in from outside and wallflowers began to huddle in the center of the room. The band kicked things off with the proto punk sounds of their most recent albums The Option and Basketball Breakups before diving into the mellow melodies of their earlier work. Such transitions continued throughout the set, causing the ambiance in the room to fluctuate with a dizzying frenzy. The glow of the lights combined with the melancholy tunes, creating an ethereal scene that bordered on otherworldly. My favorite moment from the performance was when the gentle guitar riffs from the duo’s somber track Oppsie melted away into one of their most revered songs Don’t Come Home Today, in a transition that was delicate, dazzling, and charged with nostalgia. The entire night was celestial and bittersweet, like waking up after a good dream. 

The splendid performance was prefaced by an equally lovely exchange, as I got to meet with the band before their set. I was welcomed into their green room and quickly realized that trekking up to the Bay area to be greeted by the dynamic duo’s humility and humour was well worth the drive. We sat and talked about the evolution of their sound, the integration of genres, and how image in music affects listeners as the guys indulged in a charcuterie plate and drank some beers. I found that like their music, the duo’s kindness and authenticity inspired a sense of nostalgia and comradery, like talking with old friends. Relish in their thoughtful responses and consider the state of music today alongside us by watching the interview!