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By Syd Abad


The Circle Jerks, The Adolescents, and Negative Approach put on a rowdy show at the Catalyst on February 23, 2022. The venue was packed with people of all ages, some diehard fans from the band’s glory days to edgy youngsters like myself. Negative Approach opened, and halfway through their set announced it was their bassist’s 60th birthday. What a way to celebrate the big 6-0! A circle formed for the moshers and grew throughout the entirety of the show. Daring never again to break a rib in a mosh, I still decide to barge into the pit and instantly punch something I shouldn’t have. A trip to urgent care the next morning informed me of my Circle Jerks-induced ‘hand contusion’… but at least I don’t have to do dishes at work for a week now!

As the show went on, the audience grew more unruly. It progressed from cups being thrown, to shoes, and even some people being flung at the stage – Now that’s some real punk. After taking a bathroom break, my friend and I decided to go upstairs for a more ‘bird’s-eye view’ of the fiasco. As we look down at the stage, we see Circle Jerk’s hefty four-page setlist. I’ve been to at least five dozen shows in my 21 years, and can say that I’ve never seen a band go so long and so hard without breaks. To add, this tour was celebrating the 42nd anniversary of their iconic “Group Sex” album. There’s truly nothing like a hardcore punk band from the 80s. All in all, the three bands threw a fantastic show and I will be feeling the physical effects of it for the next week or two – depending on when this annoying finger splint comes off >:( but 10/10 would recommend. Till next time…


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