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Image by Kate Marsden

By Kate Marsden                                                                                                                                                  

“Get F*****” by Mustard Service, despite its explicit title, is a rather catchy and danceable indie rock/pop track that originally piqued my interest in the five-piece band of self-proclaimed silly dudes that hails from Miami, Florida. The group’s members include Marco Rivero on guitar and vocals, Augusto “Toots” di Catarina on bass and background vocals, Gabriel “Nuchi” Marinuchi on guitar, Leo “Big Guy” Cattani on keys, and Adam Rhodes on drums. Mustard Service’s performance at The Catalyst marked their eighth to last stop on their month-long tour that spanned all the way from Atlanta to Houston. The openers for the night were grungy-indie-folk songstress Dead Nettle (Lindsey Wall) and four-piece indie rock band late night drive home from El Paso, Texas.

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Image by Kate Marsden

The energy at The Catalyst that night was an exciting one, and as it was Halloween Eve, some concert-goers were even sporting costumes. The crowd all seemed to be around high school and college-aged. Before the doors opened, the line to get into the concert stretched around the building of The Catalyst. When the doors did open, we concert-goers made our way to The Atrium (the smaller stage at The Catalyst) for what was to be a night of lively “zest pop”. Their onstage fun-loving, goofy energy was infectious and made memorable by Rivero’s animated facial expressions. Towards the end of the show, Rivero made a point of telling the audience that he didn’t really want to do an encore, in that, he wanted to let his fans know that he appreciated them but didn’t want to have to leave the stage and come back out to show it. To close out their set, Rivero handed over the mic to di Catarina for an indie-rockified take on Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

 Mustard Service put on a show full of humor, talent, love, and their classic zestiness. Although they are their most popular tracks, they do happen to be my favorites so it was really rad being able to see “Get F*****” and “Taking Up Space” live. Rivero also made sure to take a moment to thank the fans of his band and the gratitude was real from both the musicians onstage and the audience members out on the floor. You can tell that this band really enjoys what they do and I sincerely hope their Mustard Service continues. 

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Image by Kate Marsden