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Image courtesy of The Sextones

By Angelo Claure

The following is an on air interview conducted by myself (DJ Slow Jamz) for my music show Ramblin Hours live on KZSC Friday May 12th with The Sextones. The band originates out of Reno, Nevada and their music is a grand fusion of timeless soul of the past with a contemporary sprinkle on top. The band has a new album on the way called Love Can’t Be Borrowed, and during the interview Mark Sexton of The Sextones gives us an idea of what to expect as well as the process of recording and producing. Fascinatingly Mark also describes the band’s decision to record their albums on analog tape, as he says, “To retain that mystic essence of the past”. We also discuss the past, present, and future of soul/funk music in a musical world that’s always evolving and adapting.