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Lightning In A Bottle Line Up
Official Lightning In A Bottle 2024 Lineup, Photo provided by Lightning In A Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is an annual music and arts festival that has been held in the United States for the past 21 years. Organized by The Do LaB, a Los Angeles-based event production company, the festival typically takes place over several days and features a diverse lineup of electronic music, live performances, workshops, art installations, and interactive experiences. The festival is known for its emphasis on sustainability, creativity, and community engagement. It often incorporates elements of yoga, meditation, and wellness into its programming, offering attendees a multidimensional experience beyond just the music.

Lib2023 Wed Divisuals 06375
Lightning in a Bottle art installation. photo by DIVISUALS

This year the lineup features headliners like Grammy Award-winning artist Skrillex who is an American producer known for his distinctive style of music in which he incorporates dubstep and electrohouse. Another creative headliner is Labrinth a British singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer who rose in the music industry with his unique blend of soulful vocals, electronic beats, and innovative production techniques. He has produced and written songs for artists such as The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, and Rihanna, showcasing his talent not only as a performer but also as a producer and songwriter. The artists I am most looking forward to this year are Lane8 an American DJ, record producer, and electronic music artist known for his melodic style of house music, and Nora En Pure a South African-Swiss DJ, record producer, and deep house music artist. She has gained international acclaim for her melodic and atmospheric style, which often incorporates elements of deep house, indie dance, and tropical house. The lineup not only features well-known headliner artists but has allowed newer artists the ability to showcase their talents on their rise to fame.

Lib2023 0527 20 03 15 3355 Jessgallo Atlasmedia
Art Installation photographed by JessGallo-Atlas

Besides the different styles and elements each artist incorporates in their work, Lightning in a Bottle has much more to offer than just the music. People from all walks of life attending the festival can attend over 150 talks with world-renowned visionaries and experts and can pick up new skills with many hands-on workshops from cooking to medicine making. The festival also offers many yoga and movement classes led by exceptional instructors that incorporate different styles of movement from traditional to unconventional to make sure attendees find a class they connect with spiritually, mentally, and physically. Lightning in a Bottle has many art installations from the moment you walk in as artists begin creating canvases from the first day of the music festival to the last where you get to see the final product of their work. What we usually love about the artists is how their art evolves as the festival goes on, leaving us wondering if they are getting inspiration through the music, people, and experience and if they incorporate the magic of LIB into their work. There are interactive art installations around the festival that allow attendees to immerse themselves in a variety of realms, some of which resemble a basement right out of the 80s and others that transport them to the Wild West.

“Lightning in a Bottle” is a phrase often used to describe something unusual, unique, or remarkable that cannot be replicated which is what this festival is. Returning to the beautiful Buena Vista Lake in Southern California May 22-27, Lightning in a Bottle is the place to be this Memorial Day Weekend.

More information on Lightning in a Bottle can be found on their website at

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Lib2023 0525 202357 09780 Divisuals
Cultural Native Ceremony photograph by DIVISUALS