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Volunteer Info For UCSC Students

Are you a UCSC student interested in being a DJ or getting involved at KZSC? We have good news! About 70% of all the programming at our station comes from UC Santa Cruz students. KZSC is also governed by UC Santa Cruz students. There are tons of opportunities for YOU both on and off the air. (Not a student? KZSC does not have any new non-student volunteer opportunities at this time.)

Becoming part of KZSC in our News, Sports or Music Department is a simple, four-part process.

Step 1:  Attend one of our weekly Volunteer Tours.  These tours are led by our charismatic Volunteer Coordinator inside the lovely KZSC studios, located behind Crown/Merrill colleges (email for schedule & directions).

Step 2: Volunteer 20 hours at KZSC in one quarter. This makes you eligible to apply for KZSC’s on-air preparation course, Intro to Radio. Space in the class is extremely limited; as a result not all applicants are accepted each quarter. Students who do not get in during a particular quarter are still eligible and may apply the following academic quarter. You can volunteer for the news department and get stories on the air without taking the course.

Step 3: Pass the Intro to Radio course. This class teaches you everything you need to know about radio and being a KZSC staffer/DJ. You’ll learn radio history and culture, FCC rules and regulations, audio production skills, interviewing techniques and more. Bonus: you’ll actually be on the air under the guidance of a seasoned programmer as part of a mentorship program. Once you pass the class, you’re KZSC staff and are eligible to program. Questions about the class should be directed to the student Class Instructor at [email protected].

Step 4: Apply for a programming slot! This is your chance to take to the airwaves and spread your wings. To secure a timeslot for your awesome show, a program proposal is submitted for review to KZSC’s Program Review Committee at the beginning of the quarter.

Volunteer Info For Non-Students

Please note: KZSC is not accepting any new non-student volunteer applications at this time. You can email[email protected] to be put on a notification list when an opportunity opens up.

Community members who are not UC Santa Cruz students interested in volunteering at KZSC should be aware that their participation requires a great deal of time, effort and patience. If you don’t want to wait or follow the process described below, we suggest you check out other community radio statiosn in our area such as KHDC in Salinas, KBCZ in Boulder Creek, KKUP/Cupertino and Free Radio Santa Cruz. Their requirements to become a programmer are less demanding.

First, non-student community members must apply to become a volunteer at KZSC by completing an application and submitting it, along with two letters of reference to the Station Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.  The application will then be reviewed by KZSC’s Executive Committee and Broadcast Advisor. If the application is approved, non-student members of the community are fingerprinted and background-checked prior to starting as a volunteer. New volunteers receive a station orientation first, then volunteer a minimum of 20 hours as described elsewhere before they can apply to take our broadcast preparation course, Intro to Radio. Please note that KZSC’s mission is to be a broadcast learning experience for UC Santa Cruz students. Students have priority to the limited space in the class. Class typically meets twice a week for two hours; there is a sizable amount of outside classwork to be completed as well. This is required training and socialization to the KZSC culture for even the most seasoned radio programmer. You are expected to share your experience and connect with all of our programmers through your volunteering.

If space allows and the background check is successfully completed, the community member spends one quarter in the Intro to Radio course. Upon passing the class, volunteers are then eligible to apply for a program timeslot. Like the class, new community members should be advised that students have priority in the allocation of timeslots.

Get Started Today!

You can get more information on volunteering by emailing the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected], sending the Volunteer Coordinator a message below. If you’re looking for information on our various departments and staff, check out the contact page. You can also call the station at 831-459-2811 or stop by during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5pm.