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Apologies to the one or two people looking forward to the charts every week. I was out of town, and just got back. I arrive, however, with an interview with The Contortionist’s lead singer Jonathan Carpenter. Look forward to it in the coming weeks on the KZSC blogsite!

Darkrootsofearth1 TESTAMENT Dark Roots Of Earth Nuclear Blast
2 GENTLEMAN’S PISTOLS Gentleman’s Pistols Metal Blade
3 CANDLELIGHT RED Demons [EP] Imagen
4 ATTIKA 7 Blood Of My Enemies Rocket Science
5 FIREBIRD Hot Wings Metal Blade



Peripheryii1 PERIPHERY¬† Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal Sumerian
2 CONTORTIONIST Intrinsic eOne
3 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
4 BONDED BY BLOOD Aftermath Earache
5 BARONESS Yellow And Green Relapse
6 WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel Metal Blade
7 FOR TODAY Immortal Artery
8 SAINT DIABLO Saint Diablo Eclipse
9 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers Eleven Seven
10 KING OF ASGARD …To North Metal Blade