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Chile’s Anita Tijoux is returning to Northern California after playing here at Santa Cruz’s Catalyst a few months ago. Tijoux is a Chilean rapper who grew up in France due to her parents political exile during the dictatorship of Pinochet. She flew back to her father’s homeland of Chile after the return of democracy, where she found herself in the hip-hop scene of Santiago. After some time spent in the band Makiza, who quickly reached the top of Latin American Hip-Hop, she soon broke away and began making solo music that resulted in three full length albums. Her single titled “Shock,” is seen to many as an anthem for the student movement in Chile. The song has in a way become a part of the movement and contains lyrics regarding the Pinochet regime, police repression, and the many inequities within Chile’s education system (see video below).

If you’re heading home to the bay area for the holidays, already happen to be in the area, or are just in the mood to see an amazing musical activist, head on over to La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley to see Anita Tijoux on November 21st at 8pm.

Shock by Anita Tijoux