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It’s that time of the year again. The time where we can all just stop giving two fucks about life and be as lazy as we want and drink eggnog till we die from heart congestion.

In all seriousness, this is the last week of charts, and what a year it has been. We’ve seen some phenomenal records and some disappointments, but overall, 2012 has been grandiose for us headbangers. I can only hope 2013 will reach the same sensationalism, but with bands like Cynic, Cult of Luna, The Ocean, and Scale the Summit already prepping their new studio albums, I doubt we have much to worry about.


1 HATEBREED “Put It To The Torch” [Single] Razor And Tie
2 DEPARTURES Teenage Haze No Sleep





Deftones Koi No Yokan1 DEFTONES Koi No Yokan Warner Brothers
2 ALL THAT REMAINS A War You Cannot Win Razor and Tie
3 GAMMA RAY Skeletons And Majesties Eagle Rock
4 DAVEY SUICIDE Put Our Trust In Suicide [EP] Standby
5 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME The Parallax II: Future Sequence Metal Blade
6 CRADLE OF FILTH The Manticore And Other Horrors Nuclear Blast
7 AUGUST BURNS RED Sleddin’ Hill: A Holiday Album Solid State
8 ABIOTIC Symbiosis Metal Blade
9 MY DYING BRIDE A Map Of All Our Failures Peaceville
10 DOWNFALL OF GAIA Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes Metal Blade