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Quite recently, I had the real pleasure of catching an interview on the BBC with John Lydon.  Of course, he is better known as, Johnny Rotten, of the notorious Sex Pistols.  What a guy.  His sense of humanity, his intelligence and his general indignation @ the BS of the world came shining through.  How did I miss the fact that he hosted a show on the Discovery Channel called Mega Bugs?  Speaking of missing things, the comedian Patton Oswalt and I have at least one thing in common; we both missed the whole punk thing as it was happening in real time.  Check out, track 13 on his 2007 album, Werewolves and Lollipops.  It’s very funny, and you’ll get the point.  My point is, despite the spitting, the blood, the filth, the mayhem and the ear damage, punk rock brought us some amazing humans who make the world a more interesting place to be in.  Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Joe Strummer, and of course, John Lydon, to name a few.  So despite the fact, that I missed it all the first time around, my appreciation for punk continues to grow.  Better late than never.