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Though not for the reasons being bandied about, I did not like this movie. But, since this is a blog for KZSC, let’s keep to issues musically related……      I am a huge fan of QT, and have found his use of music in film amazing!   Especially, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown.  Oh lordy lordy, I do have many a fond memory.  But, alas, as far as this latest film from him, the soundtrack, it gets a big “F” for FAIL!  To be fair, I can think of couple of times when a tune worked with the film.  However, for the rest, instead of enhancing the movie, the music detracted and distracted from it.  You get pulled out of a scene, rather than being drawn in.  If you are sitting in a theatre, thinking about how crappy and inapropriate the soundtrack is, that can’t be a good sign.  For all the talk about how graphic and authentic the depictions of slavery were, how about a couple of  hyms or spirituals drawn from the abolitionist movements of the time period?    By the way, the “N” word was not overused in the movie, but I do have an “N” word to use for the music offerred in Django Unchained… NO, NO, NO, NO & NO !!!