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We here at the Great 88 love a good rockstar memoir. They offer us windows into the creative minds of our musical heroes. Plus they’re just fun reading.

The latest and greatest grey haired musings come to us from everyones favorite flannel wearing Canadian, Neil Young. In “Waging Heavy Peace” the ¬†prolific songwriter meanders through an wide array of topics from model trains to his new high fidelity digital audio company. Young hits all the musical periods of his life from his garage days as a teen in Ontario to the new Crazy Horse album. His stories share intimate details of the process behind his greatest recordings and the formations of his many important bands.

Young delves even deeper, speaking at length on various characters integral to his career, and in many cases, those characters deaths. He worries about not being able to write music since ceasing to smoke weed. It easy to imagine Young speaking while reading this. He writes not just for the product, but for the exercise.

If you find yourself with an empty bedside table and would like to sit down for a chat with one of the absolute greats of rock n’roll then grab this self described rich hippy’s book, and once you need to hear the thunder of Old Black be sure to tune in to KZSC.