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As a creative writing major here at UCSC, I’m all too aware of the changing times and how they’re affecting writers of all varieties. A lot of people are under the impression that a lot of writing, particularly poetry, is racing Keith Richards to the grave, and is probably going to win. Well, win is a relative term in that case. This leaves our nation in an artistic crisis, but fear not! Hope is not lost! There was recently a petition to the White House to appoint John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats the next United States Poet Laureate, and, while he isn’t a poet in the traditional William Carlos Williams sense, his words speak for themselves, you know, like words. According to the always-reliable Wikipedia, the U.S. Poet Laureate “seeks to raise the national consciousness to a greater appreciation of the reading and writing of poetry.” Who better to bring poetry back into the national consciousness than a popular musician, especially one whose lyrics have affected so many in such a profound way. So, for what it’s worth, this is my endorsement of John Darnielle to be the next Poet Laureate of the United States. Check out a few videos below that might give you an idea of his lyrical brilliance:

Going to Georgia (live)

This Year

The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton