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Jacob Block, known on-air as “Brickfrog” has been tearing up the airwaves of Santa Cruz for four whole years. Since his radio debut in May of 2011, Jacob has programmed over 200 shows on KZSC.

Jacob’s older brother, who programmed for KRFH in Humbolt, planted the seed for Jacob’s radio future. When Jacob was admitted to UCSC, he knew immediately that he wanted to be a part of the Great 88. Instead of only programming a show for KZSC, Jacob went above and beyond, quickly finding his place among the station’s governance. In his sophomore year, he was the teaching assistant for the Intro to Radio class. His junior year, he taught the radio course. Senior year, Jacob became KZSC’s volunteer coordinator.

Jacob is also a well-oiled humor machine. When we sat down for a brief interview, the conversation leaned more toward absurd banter than journalism. But hey, it’s college radio, what did you expect? (cliché snare fill to cymbal noise).

Should I give you pull quotes?? …I GOT INTO RADIO TO ROCK….

Wait, don’t use that. That’s awful.” -Jacob

Listening to and sharing music is Jacob’s bread and butter…

Radio is like making a mixtape for everyone. It’s a way to show people music they might really like.” -Jacob

Jacob has programmed shows in almost every genre during his career at KZSC. From hip-hop, to psychedelic rock, to metal mixed with Sienfeld Bass breakdowns… if it makes you move your hips, Jacob has spun in.

In the near future, Jacob plans to apply for grad school, eventually shooting for a PhD in writing, and a career as a teacher. As far as broadcasting goes, Jacob claims that he would want nothing to do with the commercial radio industry.

I can see myself sticking with radio, but I cannot see myself working for commercial radio, because that would take all the fun out of it.” -Jacob

This spring quarter will be Jacob’s last program on KZSC. Jacob is one of the grooviest and wittiest deejays to have ever called our station home. Farewell, Brickfrog. Station Lobby banter will never be the same…

It’s been crazy, but it’s been one of the best things I have ever done. It has made me a different person, and I’m proud…” -Jacob

You can catch Jacob’s show “The Jangle Book” every Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 on the one and only, KZSC Santa Cruz.