It’s October! The leaves are changing, and so is KZSCs schedule, as we switch to the Fall Season. But don’t worry! We’ll still be playing all the best spooky, scary, bone-chilling loud rock tracks! Check it out:

Top Ten:

  1. DELETIST — 3rd Class Cover Songs
  2. SHARKMUFFIN — Chartreuse
  3. KARBHOLZ — Karma
  4. BERZERKS — Run You Over
  5. HO99O9 — The Horrors of 1999
  6. REATARDS — Grown Up, Fucked Up (Reissue)
  7. MERCY BROWN — Mercy Brown
  8. AHAB — The Boats of the Glen Carrig
  9. DISTURBED — Immortalized
  10. GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS — Ghost Ship Octavius

Top Adds:

  • GIRL BAND — Holding Hands With Jamie
  • HEATERS — Holy Water Pool

Check out The Deletist‘s cover of Sonata No. 14 by Ludwig von Beethoven!