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Top o’ the mornin’! Here is your long-overdue update on the best metal that has come out recently, or out soon.

  1. Power Trip – Nightmare Logic [Thrash Metal]
  2. Pallbearer – Heartless [Doom Metal]
  3. Crurifragium – Beasts of the Temple of Satan [Blackened Death Metal]
  4. Unearthly Trance – Stalking the Ghost [Sludge/Doom Metal]
  5. Dodecahedron – Kwintessens [Avant-garde Black Metal]
  6. King Woman – Created In The Image of Suffering [Doom Metal]
  7. Ascended Dead – Abhorrent Manifestation [Death Metal]
  8. Hollow Leg – Murder EP [Sludge/Doom Metal]
  9. Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide [Atmospheric Black Metal]
  10. Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven [Black Metal]

A few months ago, interviews were promised for bands playing Doom/Extreme Metal/Psych heavyweight fest Psycho Las Vegas (August 18-20th), and now that the full lineup has been announced, they are on their way, starting next week with Swedish Psychedelic Sludge act, Domkraft.

Tune in to Shallow Graves (Monday nights, 12am-2am), Out of Step (Tuesdays, 10pm-11pm), Que Te Importa (Sunday nights, 12am-2am), and From The Swamps (Sundays, 10pm-12am) for the heaviest, darkest, spookiest, angriest, saddest, etc. loud rock on the airwaves!