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  • KZSC is a student-run, community-based, non-commercial, educational public radio station teaches media making and non-profit management.
  • KZSC¬†airs alternative viewpoints to those found on commercial/mainstream stations. Honesty, balance, and sensitivity fuels our creative and educational endeavors.
  • KZSC strives for completeness in news coverage, conscientiously providing unbiased and fair reporting on all events and topics. We have a newsroom covering the Monterey Bay–made by locals for locals!
  • KZSC provides¬†access in a non-discriminatory, progressive fashion to those traditionally underrepresented in the media, including but not limited to women, cultural, ethnic, and racial minorities, people of various sexual orientations, seniors, youth, children, and the disabled.
  • KZSC is dedicated to serving the public interest, serving as a mouthpiece on air for the community it serves and represents.
  • KZSC does not sell promotional advertising spots or accept payola of any kind. Anything you hear on-air is curated content by our lovely disc-jockeys and¬†fiercely independent, local news editors.
  • KZSC was first known as KRUZ. ¬†Forty-nine years later, KZSC broadcasts at¬†20,000 watts, reaching 3 million people in Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties!
  • The University of California does not fund KZSC; KZSC receives 32% of our support from student donations;¬†another 32% comes from renting out space on our broadcast tower to other radio stations¬†and cell phone companies; the rest comes from our semiannual on-air fundraiser, local businesses underwriting, and, of course, You! (the listener). (<3)

#Give2KZSC today – or you can call 831-459-4036 to make your donation by phone!